Urban Sustainability

Integrated approaches to urban sustainability

We work every area of sustainability considering its impacts, avoiding sectorial approaches. We help you to create the strategic framework to support your project, in line with the main national and international reference documents. Diagnoses, action plans, and monitoring indicators to measure progress toward urban sustainability as we believe in.

The territory and the city configuration, the urban design. We “capitalize” the classical city of proximity, where enough people lived in a concrete space (density & compactness) to allow diversity of uses and functions (complexity).

Because we believe that life is lived on foot!!! (proximity)

A “friendly” mobility, with your health, your time and your mood, directly linked to the above

Energy efficiency, in all its applications. Never forgetting that a building with the highest energy qualification loses its efficiency if it is isolated in the sprawl city, or that the extended city is proven to be less efficient.

The environment, from an active perspective, integrated in the city through a “nature base” philosophy, and integrated into the minds of young people as natural leaders of change.

Social cohesion and citizens’ participation, because if those to whom we do things don’t want them, we have lost all the money, time and effort. And because there is no sustainability if we don’t work on mixing races, generations and incomes.

Innovation, not only in ITC, but specially in processes and methodologies with a focus on citizens’ service, to improve quality of life in a transversal way

Some of our works and collaborations

CAT MED Project. Methodological Guide, Malaga Charter.

CAT MED Plataform for sustainable urban models


ELIH MED project on energy efficiency for social housing


Malaga’s Local Urban Agenda 21, 2005 version & Malaga Urban Agenda (Agenda Local 21) 2015 updated version.

Cooperation projects with Morocco through the Interreg IIIA Spain-Morocco (11 projects) and POCTEFEX (11 projects)