Capitalization and Communication

Capitalization & Communication

We support you during your project’s life, from an innovative strategy for communication & capitalization as main management axes, to help you get the best of your funds. The European Commission considers for this period, the capitalization processes as an essential and compulsory component of every project and programme.

The aim is therefore to find what someone has already developed successfully, to use it as a starting point. This is what is called capitalization of results, which together with a good communication strategy, allows us to optimize resources and time, increasing benefits. These are some of the activities we can do for you in your project:

We take care of the communication and capitalization strategy and activities of your Project (compulsory in some programmes) with a different approach that will optimize impacts

We analyze existing results in the frame of European programmes identifying those that can support your idea. We prepare your project deliverables to be transferred and capitalized.

We organize all your events: seminars, congresses, kick off meetings, workshops, annual events, final conferences, steering committees… and we promise that assistants will pay attention and you won’t see them sleeping…Ah, and we moderate them because we believe that is important to get the best out of all your speakers, with conclusions that will help to improve the concrete thematic.

We represent you in International events, presenting your projects or experiences because we know how important visibility is for the dissemination of your work, but we also know that not everyone likes to speak in public and specially in a foreign language.

Some of our works and collaborations

Med capitalization and Communications Project URBAN EMPATHY,

Video “Capitali…what??”

Winner of the Jury’s Award Turing the European Cooperation Day 2014.

Ver vídeo.

Communication of the ELIH MED pilot project, winner of the Eurocities 2014 Award for the participating process developed as dissemination strategy.

Ver vídeo

Communication for the CAT MED Project and Platform and coordination of the CAT MED Platform for Sustainable Urban Models

Ver web.

Capitalization Market

Capitalization Speakers Corner  at the Med Annual Event 2013

Workshops, Kick off meetings, final conferences, round tables in International frameworks linked to European projects and programmes.